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Fly Away



I want to believe you there’s something in your eyes

I know you want to tell me you can’t hide your disguise

I know I’ve always hurt you but I need you now so bad

Please believe I feel the same you’re the best I’ve ever had


You treated me unfair when I needed to be loved

Feeling like a stranger flying high above

I want to come back to earth want to be alive

Making me feel so wanted in order to survive.




Ooh I could fly away

In your arms I’d stay

Ooh you know that I can’t be sure

Flying high above the world once more


Listen closely I just want to be sure

That when I look into you I need you now no more

I can’t believe what I see is real the truth revealed to me

Belonging to each other is my only destiny



All music and lyrics written by H.R.M. Loxley

All vocals, backing vocals, instruments (excluding guitar) by H.R.M. Loxley

Guitar played by Allan Whittick

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