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Get on your feet and you wake up right now

You may be small but you are strong somehow

You like to run and play like your friends do

But the world somehow looks much bigger to you

The world.....The world looks bigger to you


You want to be just like all the rest

You think you’re different but you’re just the best

You get the girls and love the others don’t

You are the one that they all want the most

But I......But I want you the most


You better wake up now

Wake up now

You better wake up now

Wake up now


So just be glad you are who you are

You are the nicest things I’ve seen so far

You will be brave until the very end

You’re just as good as a man’s best friend

I want.....I want you to be my friend


Be my friend

Be my.......

All music and lyrics written by H.R.M. Loxley

All vocals, backing vocals, instruments (excluding guitar) by H.R.M. Loxley

Guitar played by Allan Whittick

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